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Dallas Historian


The area which is now the Dallas City Park was first used by the Indians as a meeting place and camp grounds. It was also used at one time by the cavalry as a camp ground. The site of the John Wick residence on Levens street and Jack Hayes property was the camp of the site of the commander. When Mr. Hayes cut down an old oak tree he found a button from the desk of the commander imbedded in the tree. By counting the rings, it appeared it had been left there in 1867. The cavalry went through Dallas every year camping in the park area for two or three days and then moving on. An Indian arrowhead was found here in the 1970s.

The early pioneers used this area as a picnic ground and meeting place. One can read of Fourth of July parades going through town and down to the “Old Camp Ground”. A program and business meeting would be held and a sumptuous picnic dinner followed. Later on there was a bandstand and a lot of activity in the summer time.